Art Supply Solutions

Conda Group's strives to produce products for the art supply industry that consistently maintains top notch design, quality and safety.  From raw material selection to production technology and management, Conda Group maintains the highest standards in order to produce the best quality products for its domestic and foreign customers.  Conda Group's longstanding relationships with some of the world's top retailers and brands and its ability to produce products that are found on some of the world's top e-commerce platforms are a testament of the company's ability to produce quality products valued by customers globally.  

Product Development and Sourcing

Each year, Conda Group develops thousands of new products for its customers to select from. These new products along with products sourced and produced for customers, Conda Group ships over XX units each year to 66 countries.

Retail Brands

In addition to offering omni-channel retail solutions to customers globally, Conda Group also has created two retail brands, the first being - Conda -  which includes more than 8000 skus of high-quality art materials, such as easels, stretched canvas, brushes, canvas panels, portfolios, paper pads, paints and art sets etc. sold globally.  The other brand, -Ousidan - was created with art students in mind. The name originates from "outstanding painter" and products created under this label are targeted towards the domestic student market.

Brand Distribution

World-renowned art supply brands such as Daniel Smith, Golden, Escoda, Cretacolor, Gamblin, RGM, Lukas, Unison Colour, QOR, Art Resin, Williamsburg, Mabef, Museo, Legion Paper, Coventry, Revere and Stonehenge, have all selected Conda Group as their Mainland China master distributor. Some of these brands have also given Conda Group the distribution rights for the Greater China markets that include Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.